Letter of welcome

The use of 'Golden Dawn' in our title refers to the traditional outer order grades only. We offer this site for students who are working the knowledge lectures of the Golden Dawn. Much of the Golden Dawn system is generic and is useful to students of Wiccan, Pagan, and anyone else interested in the Western Mystery Tradition.

The material is mainstream Golden Dawn and may be used by study groups, temples, orders, and especially individuals who must study alone.

Our documents are in a PDF file format, and must be read with an Adobe Reader. You may download your Adobe Reader here if needed.

BOOKLETS: Our booklet, Coloring the Classic Golden Dawn Tarot is free and can be down loaded here.

PAPERS: Our papers offer documents useful to beginners and students who are working the outer order grade curriculum. Although much has been published, the verbal teachings are still lacking for those with no personal contact with a qualified teacher. Our papers are taken as is from actual temple teachings. We hope that they will assist those who have no mentoring contact.